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Wilder Garcia
1800 meters


Tasting Notes:  Tropical Fruits, Florals and Spice

(Roaster's note:  This coffee has layers of flavor with low acidity and a long aftertaste.  It is truly a coffee that anyone could drink all day and not grow bored with.  All the subtle fruit flavors make for an excellent iced coffee or cold brew.)

Wilder Garcia - Peru Microlot Green Coffee Beans

Wilder Garcia maintains a close relationship with the health of his coffee trees. At 1800masl, his 23-hectare farm enjoys an ideal climate for growing Arabica coffee, which spans 16 hectares of land.

Wilder began implementing a Tissue Management System (TMS) on his coffee farm six years ago to achieve a productive balance. The system relies on a two-year cycle and is applied in blocks. Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, and Java varietals grow here, and their tissue management depends largely on the skeletal style of the trees. In 2020, Wilder also renovated four hectares with new coffee plants.

After the harvest, cherries are often depulped on the same day and fermented for 48 hours in hermetic tanks before drying in solar dryers. The farm produces around 720 quintals of parchment annually (1 quintal = 46kg of green coffee beans).

What Does Coffee From Peru Taste Like?

Peruvian coffee beans thrive in the high altitudes of the Andean peaks, slowly maturing into incredibly sweet cherries that are hand-picked for maximum ripeness. They’re known for their medium-bodied and well-balanced flavor profiles and offer notes of chocolate, nuts, and mild acidity.

Peru Green Coffee Beans

Peru is the world’s 5th largest producer of Arabica coffee and it is gaining in popularity. The thin air, soaring altitudes, and fertile soil throughout Peru come together to form a breathtaking environment where coffee thrives. But sharing a border with the largest coffee-producing nation in the world is not easy. While Brazil’s efficiency and price points are unmatched, Peru finds its footing in differentiation and variety, making every harvest something to look forward to.

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